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Angioplasty and Heart Attack

3December 2014


Dr. Prakash Hazra, Interventional Cardiologist & HOD Cardiology Dept., AMRI (Dhakuria)

Typically heart attacks (STEMI) are caused by absolute closure of one of three main arteries of the heart by a clot. Prompt ECG along with symptoms is the mainstay of the diagnosis of a classic heart attack. Immediate transport to a hospital like AMRI where this facility is offered to many patients round-the-clock, has saved many lives by prompt suctioning of clot from the clogged heart and stent placement which stops heart muscles from irreversible damage which cannot be recovered by any treatment so far available in medical science. Immediate angioplasty after heart attack (primary angioplasty) is much more rewarding than routine angioplasty which is done only in the day time. This life saving procedure must be completed within ninety minutes upon arrival at the hospital. The best result is seen in those people who receive this treatment within a few hours of the heart attack, which can extend up to 24 hours from the onset of chest pain. Though the cost and risk is a little higher than routine angioplasty, it is still worth doing because it promptly relieves pain, improves blood pressure and pulse on the operation table itself. This is the best treatment for typical heart attack (ST elevation myocardial infarction) all over the world. Time is muscle and muscle is life. During a heart attack, sooner one makes a move and shorter the door-to-balloon time, better is the outcome.

This type of treatment is required in 10-15% of total angioplasty procedures performed in any western country. This emergency angioplasty is done to a patient with ongoing heart attack. Angioplasty to a critical patient of heart attack is itself challenging and doing so in the critical window of 3-6 hours, further adds to the challenge. But we have accepted this challenge to save lives in AMRI Dhakuria hospital by taking in sick patients and bringing back their smiles within a few hours of this procedure. By the grace of God, we have successfully performed this procedure to more than 1000 people in our hospital, which is a very high number by Indian standards and the highest in Kolkata. This is only possible because of the location of this hospital, its 24*7 service and positive attitude of the doctors and staff.

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4 Responses to Angioplasty and Heart Attack

  1. Ratna Basak says:

    Superb – you are the pride of CMC …

  2. Dr Manas Kumar Sinha says:

    Very Informative

  3. Dr Manas Kumar Sinha says:

    Very Informative Well done Prakash

  4. Hi Doc, you had been great. Only regret you stopped my smoking.
    Keep doing great job

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