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Dr. P. K. Hazra

MD,DNB,DM Head of the Department, AMRI Hospitals

A medical career spanning over 25 years with specialisation in cardiology, I’m happy to proclaim that it has been an interesting journey – a journey that has helped me garner tremendous experience and knowledge along the way. My greatest achievement however has been the immense faith that my patients have developed over the years in my ability and my commitment towards them.

After having completed my MBBS from the Calcutta Medical College, I did my post-graduation degrees in medicine and cardiology from IMER, Chandigarh. In the field of medicine, particularly for people who have trained for 20-30 years, the mindset is to forego everything in order to practice medicine. It can be very stressful trying to single-mindedly provide high-quality, compassionate care within an existing environment. This can sometimes lead to burn out. In order to avoid such a situation, I’ve always tried to maintain a balanced lifestyle and discipline of mind. I am also a huge advocate of the saying ‘Prevention is better than cure’. It is very important to make and maintain healthy lifestyle choices to achieve a proper level of wellbeing.

Of late with the onset of modern technology and the widespread influence of the internet,
there has been a mammoth thrust in the clamour for information. Being able to just “Google” something has provided answers to a myriad of questions in life. The digital world is the perfect bridge that connects the “seeker” of information to the right “provider” of that information. As far as medical information is concerned, patients and their family members are increasingly using the internet to look up their ailments, related cures and also to seek second and third opinions. Through this website, I wish to offer a communication channel to users in search of advice and information related to ailments which are my area of specialisation. I hope to achieve a beneficial impact in the lives of users all across the world through this earnest attempt.