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Angioplasty and Heart Attack

3December 2014

Dr. Prakash Hazra, Interventional Cardiologist & HOD Cardiology Dept., AMRI (Dhakuria) Typically heart attacks (STEMI) are caused by absolute closure of one of three main arteries of the heart by a clot. Prompt ECG along with symptoms is the mainstay … Read more

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Pacemaker Care

7June 2014

What is a pacemaker? A pacemaker is a metallic device implanted under the skin either on the left or right side of the chest wall through local anaesthesia. Traditional pacemakers are usually not magnetic compliant. Modern pacemakers are magnetic friendly … Read more

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Blood Pressure and Heart Disease

3March 2014

High Blood pressure or hypertension is the number one factor for stroke ┬áheart attack kidney failure and death and needs to be treated as a major risk element of heart disease. In normal cases, if the blood pressure reading is … Read more

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Healthy Diet for Better heart Condition

10February 2014

A healthy diet begins by paying close attention to what you eat. If you are suffering from heart disease, it becomes imperative to maintain a heart-healthy diet. Feeding your heart well is a powerful way to reduce or even eliminate … Read more

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Syncope – Losing Consciousness

17January 2014

Losing consciousness is a terrible feeling for any human being. If somebody loses consciousness for a brief period of time and recovers without paralysis of any limb then it is called syncope in medical terms. There are several medical causes … Read more

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